10 Unique POP Design For Bedroom Ceilings


Ceiling design is the easiest way to create a beautiful ambience in the bedroom. False ceiling adds character and aesthetics to the room. Additionally, it hides the electrical wires and provides a platform for light fixtures that enhances the overall look and feel of the bedroom greatly. Of course, there are many options available, but when it comes to a bedroom ceiling design, there’s no better choice than POP. Let us check out some unique POP design ideas for your bedroom ceilings, especially for Indian homes –

1. The coffered design
Elevating your bedroom design look is now easy! This bedroom ceiling design takes small square shapes in which the lights are integrated inside the coffers to create soft, indirect lighting. It is a great way to add texture and depth to a basic ceiling. If you have a large bedroom, then it’s an excellent design to go with, as it’ll add warmth and cosiness to the room.

2. Waves on the ceiling
If you’re obsessed with the beach, ocean, and its giant waves, then this ceiling idea will be your best choice. The waves are made using POP on the false ceiling to add a flair of fun, style, and drama to your bedroom. Every single wave has a light integrated into it, which travels through the gaps to light up the entire ceiling. It creates a fascinating visual texture and appeal to the ceiling.

3. The hanging false ceiling
A house design with a detached false ceiling will add a clean and straightforward style to your room. The hanging false ceiling is actually detached from the original one and hangs over the bed. Lights are integrated between the two levels to create a soft glow. This simple POP design works perfectly in a minimalist and modern style decor.

4. False ceiling with a wooden border
If you don’t fancy over-the-top designs, then you can go with a basic POP false ceiling by adorning it with elegant components. For instance, you can go with a plain wooden border with recessed lights. To enhance the look, add a beautiful pendant lamp in the centre of the POP false ceiling.

5. False ceiling along the walls
If you’re someone who loves to experiment with lights, then a false ceiling is your way to go. In this design, the POP false ceiling runs closely along the walls to provide space for the light fixtures. This will give the bedroom a dreamy and serene makeover by creating a uniform, soft glow.

6. Circular tray design
Clean-cut designs have a tendency to beautify the overall room with the ceiling being the centre of attraction. In this case, the circular tray false ceiling is adorned with layered pendant lights to create a stunning look. It’s a great way to uplift your bedroom design style without making it look ostentatious.

7. Suspended island design
Islands are always an attraction, but when that’s created in the middle of your bedroom ceiling, it steals the show. A suspended false ceiling in the form of a long, straight island is created in the centre of your original ceiling. It is then surrounded with cove lighting to provide a soft, flushed glow. It creates a cosy ambience without bothering the eye.

8. The contemporary style
The contemporary style of POP false ceiling surrounds the room and makes space for small hidden lights. The corners of the dropped ceiling are fixed with built-in lights, in addition to the cove lighting integrated between the two levels. This form of diffused lighting emitted from the cove light fixtures creates a great ambience for relaxation.

9. Recessed design
This type of design highlights the ceiling as well as the room without making it look flashy. The recessed false ceiling design showcases coved edges that are decorated with minimalist pendant lights for an eye-catching yet straightforward look.

10. Criss-cross pattern
This type of dropped ceiling showcases artistry through the intersecting lines creating an enticing pattern on the ceiling. The addition of soft lights within the intersecting lines further elevates the aesthetics of the bedroom ceiling design.

These are some of the unique POP designs you can create to make your bedroom more appealing. Take your pick!

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