4 Annual Maintenance Tasks Homeowners Should Organise

There are many annual maintenance tasks homeowners should organise, and prime among these is duct cleaning. Most people don’t know just how dirty ducts can get, and to think your HVAC system blows air through all that grime! Other important annual tasks include gutter cleaning, steam cleaning and clearing away hard rubbish. Read on to find out why these tasks are so important and should be performed every year.

 Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is an important maintenance task that needs to be done at least annually in order to keep your gutters in working order. Without cleaning, dirt and leaves can build up, putting tension on the structural integrity of the gutter and creating an environment where animals can build nests. Not to mention the growth of mould and moss which can happen when gutters are left uncleaned. Then there’s the consequences of gutter blockage which detritus can cause – overflow of water, causing leaks that can damage your home. As you can see, it’s vital that you clean your gutters – or hire someone else to do it – at least once a year.

Steam Clean Carpets & Furniture

Yes, you may be vacuuming your carpets every week or even every day, but that doesn’t get all the dust and dirt out. It especially does not eradicate hard to clean stains and smells. That’s where you really need the power of steam cleaning. Dog vomit stain on the couch? Steam clean it. Wine stain on the lounge room floor? Steam clean it. Steam cleaning is like vacuuming turned up to 11. It removes dust, but also does so much more in getting rid of stains and smells as well.

Clear Away Hard Rubbish

It’s a good idea to mark in your diary an annual date on which you do a deep declutter of your household items. It’s so easy in these days of hyper-consumerism to keep adding more and more things to your home, but eventually you might start to feel claustrophobic and your things can begin to own you. Then there’s the expense relating to continual consumption and the additional working overtime. Make a pact with your significant other to slow the rate of buying things in your home and begin the process of shedding stuff instead. It might even net you some nice cash if some items are in sellable condition. If not, then put them on the curb or in the skip bin. Your home will feel so much freer without all the junk.

Duct Cleaning

Have you ever considered duct cleaning before? It really should be an annual event in your household, as many nasty unhygienic elements can build up in your ducts such as dirt, dust, mould, pollen and allergens, pet fur, rodents, birds, insects and animal faeces. What a heady concoction! The only way to get rid of this disgusting mixture in your ducts is to hire someone for duct cleaning right away, and every year thereafter. Annual duct cleaning really is imperative for keeping your home hygienically clean.