6 Room Addition and Home Conversion Ideas


Adding a new room is a great way to update your home. Not only does it give you more space, but it also increases the value of your home. Even if you don’t want to add a new space, you can convert a space you currently have to make your home more functional. The following are some of the top ideas homeowners are putting into place now.

1. Mother In-Law Suite

Sometimes, parents need to come live with their children as they age. This is typically a preferable option to having them live in a retirement home or assisted living facility. However, space can get a bit cramped. And though you love your parents, having too many adults under one roof can cause a great deal of strife – especially if they are vocal in their opinions.

mother in law suite suite is a great way to fix this. It gives your parents their own space and the opportunity to be independent while still having you close by. And they can be built with aging parents in mind to ensure their safety. Even if your parents don’t move in full-time, it gives them a good place to stay when they come to visit.

2. Attic Conversions

Many people miss out on the value of their attic. They either use it to store things they may never get to, or they keep it closed. There are so many other things they can be used for, though.

You can turn them into an extra bedroom, an art studio, a gym, a reading nook, a game room for your kids, or a guest room. The possibilities are endless. If you want to put that space to work, contact an expert that can help ensure that the attic becomes a usable area.

3. Sunrooms

A sunroom can be a great room addition. It gives you access to natural light and you can use it for a wide range of things. It can, of course, be an area where you can just sit and enjoy the view. However, you can also turn it into a nursery, an office, a homework space for your kids, a workout room, and more.

4. Extra Bedrooms

Whether you’re expecting a new baby, your teenagers are just getting too old to share a room peacefully, or you have someone else moving in, having an extra bedroom is a great idea. If you have an unused room, you can just convert that into a bedroom. If you don’t, consider having one or two added to your home.

5. Kitchen and Bathroom Extensions

Not every home comes with a giant kitchen and bathroom, which can be a problem for many families. They’re often lacking the storage they need and the space to move around comfortably. Extending your current kitchen and bathroom is a great way to do this. And while you’re at it, you can think about updating with great features, like a steam shower or a double oven if you love to bake.

6. Bedroom Conversions

Some homeowners find themselves with more bedrooms than they need. Either they didn’t need them when they moved in or their grown children have now moved out. In either case, they turn these extra bedrooms into something useful, like an office, a playroom for grandchildren, or a giant closet.

If you have a home that doesn’t exactly suit your needs or desires, you don’t automatically have to move. In most cases, you can create the home of your dreams with room additions and conversions.

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