6 Simple Ways To Create More Space At Home


A great deal of pressure has been placed upon our living spaces, with homes being redesigned in the wake of various lockdowns and the rise of remote working. Residents are having to find a balance between the expectations of various demands and the comfort and functionality expected of a home.

Spare rooms are a typical example because they are becoming more generally accepted as multipurpose. In addition to their utility as a guest stay, they are also expected to support storage and professional operations too. Those without dedicated spare rooms are then expected to meet these needs elsewhere.

As such, there is a new hunger for space within homes and residents are seeking to extract as much living space as they can from each of their property’s rooms.

Adaptable Furniture

Furniture that can be adapted to various needs, that which generally falls under the umbrella of modular design, is increasingly appreciated. Desks that can easily be collapsed or concealed at the end of the work day are one such popular example, with another being large furniture, such as beds and sofas, that also double as storage space.

Open Plan Design

Walls that do not bear loads can be knocked down. By taking on this task, while potentially messy in the short term, homeowners are able to open up their living spaces greatly. Open plan design not only offers the potential for more storage and space but also improves the general appearance of a room too, increasing airflow and natural light.


More residents are turning to their gardens for space. High-quality outbuildings can be more easily installed and at affordable prices, opening up gardens to the luxury of summer houses and log cabins. These assets expand a home’s floor plan and can be customised for various usages.


While converting an attic or cellar remains at the higher end of home investments, they generally offer the most significant reward. Those who expand their living space to make use of such extra spaces generally not only improve the function and living space of their property but also its market value too, meaning that, ultimately, investments see the potential for a significant return.

Brightening Rooms

While creative lighting and even shade can be used to make a space feel cosy, brighter homes are more likely to feel spacious. Whether a resident chooses to light their home with natural or artificial light, doing so will help to create the impression that a space is larger, and even a simple task like clearing a window of obstructions can help to improve a sense of comfort within a room.

Raise Up

The majority of homes prioritise horizontal space leaving its vertical potential ill-considered. By lifting objects and decor upward, space can be created within a floor plan, reducing clutter and helping to make use of previously empty areas within the home. Shelving and hooks can also be used for storage to help make practical use of empty wall space.

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