6 Tips for How to Clean Paver Stones in Florida


If you have paver stones then you probably need to know how to properly clean them. Because they are stones they should be cleaned with care and sometimes homeowners can find themselves damaging or corroding the stones away when cleaning them. That’s why we’re here to give you some tips for paver cleaning and sealing in Florida. Let’s dive in and see how to clean paver stones. 

This information was put together by our Florida team who completes paver cleaning and sealing in Lakewood Ranch FL.

What Are Paver Stones?

If you’re here, then you probably know what paver stones are, but if not here’s an explanation. Paver stones are stones that are typically laid outside the home and used to make a pathway over grass or other areas. They can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors for homeowners to choose from. They are a great addition to a garden, backyard, or other outdoor areas. 

Tips For Cleaning Paver Stones

When it comes to cleaning paver stones it’s best to stick with what’s best for the stones. Here are a few tips that you can follow to get the best experience and results when paver cleaning and sealing in Florida. 

  • Pull Weeds or Plants 

Cleaning the area around the stones can make a huge difference in the way that the stones look even after being washed. A lot of times weeds and other small plants or grass can grow close to or in between paver stones. Pulling up weeds or other grasses that might grow close to the stone can make it look less messy and much more polished.

  • Remove Loose Dirt

Removing the loose dirt, leaves, or anything else on the paver before cleaning can make the job a bit easier. Water and dirt make mud, which means if you have loose dirt and then wet the stone, it can make the mess worse than what it was. 

  • Avoid Harsh Cleaners

Stones are quite sensitive to some of the harsh chemicals that we tend to like to use for cleaning. Sticking to simple dish soap and water is best, or you can use simple detergents that have been diluted with water. If you’re going for something natural then you can use baking soda as the soap agent to clean your pavers as it’s a good natural cleaner that isn’t harsh.

  • Clean the Grout

You can’t forget the grout when cleaning your paver stones. Cleaned grout can make a huge difference in how clean and good your paver stones look. Regularly cleaning this area will ensure you don’t spend a lot of time on it when deep cleaning. 

  • Sweep Regularly

Sweeping your paver stones can help keep them from getting too much build up which can corrode your pavers. It also helps to keep them looking much better on a day to day basis being regularly swept. 

  • Have Them Sealed

Sealing your paver stones helps to keep them in good standing for longer periods of time. It protects against dirt and grime, as well as the elements. It helps to avoid damage from water, ice, hail, and everything in between.

Does White Vinegar Damage Pavers?

There are conflicting answers on this because many people assume that since it’s a natural cleaner for most other things that it’ll be safe on pavers. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Vinegar can be quite strong and harsh on your pavers and it can actually corrode away at the surface, doing more damage than good. Remember that you can just use simple dish soap and water to clean the pavers effectively. 

What Is The Best Thing To Clean Pavers With?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to cleaning pavers. We recommend two different things depending on what you have and if you’re looking for an all natural method. Dish soap and water work perfectly fine to clean pavers with no harm. However, if you’re looking for a more natural cleaning solution then baking soda is a great option as well. Baking soda can be added to the water or mixed in a solution and poured on top. 

It’s important when scrubbing pavers that you use something with soft bristles so that you don’t damage or corrode the pavers. They’re quite sensitive when wet, so make sure that you don’t scrub them too much. 

How Can I Make My Pavers Look New Again?

There are a few things that you can do to make your pavers look new again. First off, you should clean them thoroughly. Whether you’re going to hire a professional company for this or not, you’ll want to clean them thoroughly. This includes cleaning the actual pavers, cleaning grout, and pulling weeds. Then contacting a company to apply a sealant is your best bet at keeping it looking this good. 

Should You Pressure Wash Paver Stones?

It’s best not to pressure wash pavers because it can actually be a little bit too much for the store, especially if they’re already pretty old stones. The pressure washer shoots out water at immense speeds and pressure which can slough off the surface of the paver stones, causing corrosion. 

We definitely recommend choosing one of the other methods to clean paver stones than pressure or power washing them. Gently scrubbing with soap and water can do a great job without doing extensive damage to your stones.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately cleaning pavers stones isn’t that difficult and can be done from home using the proper tools, soaps, and methods. However, don’t forget to seal your stones after cleaning them just to keep them in good shape and protect them from future damage from dirt or the weather. Following these tips can ensure that you clean your pavers best without causing any damage to them. 

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