Are Rats Entering Into Your Drainage System? Here’s How You Can Stop Them!


Have you recently discovered that rats have entered into the drainage system of your house or business place? Well, it can bring numerous problems ranging from backups, clogs, and other drainage system damages.

These problems seem to be few at first, but have the capability to make some serious damage. That’s why it is essential to solving the root cause of these problems i.e. rats. You have to prevent them from entering the drainage system.

But the question is – How will you do it? The first thing you can do is to make sure there is no food material left in the drain. The second thing is to seal the entry points of the drains. Seal the entry points will leave no way for rats to enter.

Keep reading this article to learn more smart ways to prevent rats from entering your drains or home.

Keep Check on the Drains

If you want rats away from your property, there you probably might want to seal the drains and other pipework. No entry point should be open near the discharge stack. Also, the pipes must not have any holes or openings on them.

A routine check-up of the drainage system of the home is recommended. The inspection job is done by drainage professionals. Give them a call, and they will help you to find a solution to this problem. They have a variety of procedures and products that can get rid of rats.

Usage of Rat Blockers

To prevent the rats from entering your house, use a rat blocker. It is a great device that stops the rats from entering through the sewer.

A rat blocker has a non-returning valve. This valve is made from stainless steel material. When attached to the sewer drain, the valve automatically closes after flushing the waste material.

Rat blocker or rat flap is easy to install. Also, they are highly effective when it comes to preventing rodents.

Final Words

Rats not only cause damage or clog the drainage system but are responsible for harmful diseases. If you don’t deal with rats on time, then they can cause damage to the health of your family members.

To get rid of rats, it is recommended to get in touch with drainage professionals. These professionals are highly experienced in treating, diagnosing, replacing, and repairing drainage issues caused by rodents.

Also, they can provide you CCTV drainage system surveys to pinpoint the problems. Their knowledgeable team of professionals can fight all types of rodents and insects.

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