Glass Balustrades Lend Beauty and Class to Contemporary Settings


A glass balustrade can lend beauty and elegance to one of various areas in a commercial or residential property. This type of balustrade can be used to support the looks of staircases and balconies. Whilst balustrades can be made of various kinds of materials including timber, stainless steel, iron, or stone, glass provides some obvious benefits.

A Popular Contemporary Design Choice

Made with a frameless design, Perth balustrading is particularly popular in contemporary architectural settings when made of glass. When you review some of the benefits further, you will be convinced that using glass is the best balustrade option.

One of the major benefits of using glass is that it immediately adds beauty to any building’s design. Not only is glass sophisticated and elegant but it reflects light beautifully. If you plan to sell your home, the elegant look of glass will attract more buyers.

Streaming in Natural Light

Glass balustrades do not block the natural light in a building. Therefore, the light that passes through the material makes it easy to see around you. For example, if you have a lovely pool outside your home or a well-cultivated garden, a glass balustrade will not impair the view. Your home will receive natural sunlight as well, which can save on energy costs and enhance your home’s looks during the day.

Glass balustrades are easy to maintain and clean. A frameless glass balustrade is not intricately designed as other balustrades may be. Therefore, you can keep it looking its best through the years. In fact, homeowners exclaim that using glass gives their balustrades a new appearance even if the items are older.

Add the Illusion of Extra Space

If you want to provide the illusion of more space, you can easily do so by installing a glass balustrade along a staircase. When you add this type of product, a living or commercial area appears larger, which you cannot realise when you use materials such as iron, chrome, or metal.

If you wish to experience more diversity in your design, you will accomplish this goal when you use glass balustrading for a staircase or balcony. You can combine glass with other materials and customise the glass in one of various framing options. No matter the style of your décor, glass supports the design of a living or work space.

A Durable and Long-Lasting Material

Whilst many people think that glass is fragile, the glass used in balustrade designs is anything but delicate. This type of glass is exceptionally durable and has been shown to be more robust than timber. Wood, after all, can deteriorate and is prone to infestation from pests. On the other hand, glass ages slowly, which make a glass balustrade a product that can last several decades.



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