Gorgeous Garden Designs for an Urban Home

Live in the city and want to make the most of your garden? We have the style guide for you! With many of us opting for inner-city homes that have at least some outdoor space, there have never been better style tips to create a gorgeous garden for an urban home.

From lush planting to chic furniture, we’ve put together a set of top tips to help you spruce up your garden with the latest trends.

Garden essentials

Even if you have a small outdoor space, garden sheds are fundamental to keeping the place tidy and secure. The perfect place to store toys, tools, lawnmowers and other objects that can make your garden look cluttered, there are many sizes and shapes of sheds out there that will fit perfectly in your urban garden. A handy tip is to consider building yours in the corner of the garden to maximise available space, and you could even paint the interior in one bold shade and the exterior in a contrasting hue to really make a statement!

Make room for…

If you want to create the illusion of more space, opt to lay the same or very similar flooring in the paved portion of your garden and the interior room that leads onto it from your home. Painting your garden fence in a very dark shade can also help to make the garden appear larger and works great to hide any marks that might occur over the years.

Find your zen

If you live in the middle of a loud and busy city, chances are you want to create an environment that is perfect for zoning out at the end of the day. Invest in hanging candles or mood-setting lanterns to help create a relaxing atmosphere and make sure your garden furniture is up to scratch by buying comfortable sofas. Hanging egg chairs and hammocks are quirkier options that can deliver the perfect seating areas for enjoying some ‘me’ time too.

Plant power

Just because you live in an urban home, doesn’t mean you can’t be green-fingered. If you’re into the hugely popular grow-your-own trend, get on board! There are lots of vegetables that are perfect for a small space if you grow them vertically, including peppers, cucumbers and squash. As for flowers, it’s best to go for plants that look good for as long as possible. Otherwise, you could lose space to dead flowers during autumn and winter! Of course, evergreen plants are ideal for an urban garden, while forest pansies, crab apples and hydrangeas will also help create a stunning scene throughout the seasons.

Cut the racket

If your home is near a busy road, you might want to have somewhere in your garden that will help block the noise. If that’s the case, see if a small summerhouse will fit and fill it with comfy chairs, plush cushions and soft lighting. This means you’ll have somewhere outside of your home to enjoy that won’t be as noisy as trying to relax on a lounger!

Ready to create a gorgeous garden for your urban home? We hope you now have the tips you need to make a start. Enjoy!