How To Create A Cottagecore Garden


Cottagecore has become one of the most popular aesthetics for homes across the world. While its popularity was growing prior to 2020, the mass property renovations and rethinking of home values prompted by the year’s lockdowns have triggered a massive surge in cottagecore decor. Interestingly, while some residents aren’t entirely familiar with the style itself, they may be bringing it into their home anyway as they seek a more comfortable, natural, and nostalgic design for their home and garden.

Cottagecore is about escaping the stress of modern life, bringing a home back to basics. This can involve artisan crafts, countryside aesthetics, and a strong emphasis on nature that manifests itself as dried flowers, organic materials, and rustic furniture. As a result, gardens are often at the heart of the cottagecore experience and homes can best create a stress-free, green environment in their own backyard.

Considered Materials

For a true cottagecore experience, no corners can be cut and materials such as plastic aren’t welcome. If you are to have hard surfaces, ensure that they are organic, whether stone pavings, wooden panels, are terracotta pots. Not only should these materials be used but they should be kept in their most rustic form, complete with minor imperfections to embrace their connection with nature. Anything polished or hyper-stylised will detract from the countryside, rural aesthetic and bring your garden right back to the modern era.

This also extends to garden furniture too. Choose rattan corner dining sets over store-bought plastic benches. Complement them with comforting cushions too, those with natural prints and earthen colours that will each accentuate the wild aesthetic of a cottagecore escape.

Focus On Wellness

While the aesthetics of cottagecore may be quite clear, it is largely understood as being a culture, one that supports wellness and wholesome crafts. Scented candles, soft blankets, wicker baskets, and embroidery designs; each of these steer away from the digital world and help to bring about mindfulness, that which has been emphasised by other modern movements, such as hygge.

When designing your cottagecore garden, be sure to think about how it promotes your own wellbeing. Plant flowers that will bloom with aroma and buy or make tools that bring greater satisfaction to their use. Small details, whether patterns on a milk jug or handmade wind chimes will not only contribute to an amazing outdoor space but one that will put a huge smile on your face too.

Go Vintage

A significant feature of cottagecore is nostalgia. This often manifests as vintage furniture, which is easily achievable in your own garden. While visiting an antique shop can be a great way to source gorgeous outdoor items, second-hand shops may also sell much of the same requiring only a little touch up here and there.

If you’re willing to put in the effort and upcycle your own furniture, you’ll soon find yourself with the ability to transform dilapidated pieces of furniture into gorgeous cottagecore statement items for your garden. These can then be painted in pastels and natural colours to bring together your entire outdoor aesthetic.

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