How to give your home an in-depth cleaning

Many of us aspire to give our houses a deep cleaning from bottom to top, but when it’s time to do so, we don’t know where to start. Should we have a plan, or should we kick off spring cleaning?

A deep house cleaning shouldn’t be a daunting, impossible task. To avoid being overwhelmed when cleaning the house, break down the cleaning chores into smaller and manageable tasks.

As you go through each room, you can follow these steps to make your process easier.

Declutter before deep cleaning

Get rid of any visible clutter that does not belong in that room. Clearing or sweeping the mess first makes your room tidy and motivates you to kick off the process.

Start low, go high

Tackle hard-to-reach surfaces following this order, ceiling, ceiling trims, ceiling light features (like bulbs), wall, and baseboards. You can clean the chimney yourself if it’s ordinary chimney soot you are removing. But if it has heavy creosote, you will have to call in a pro. Chimney sweep cleaning studio city is one of the many experts who give this service. You can reach out or check other companies on the website.

You can use tools like microfiber mops or a duster with a telescoping handle to clean those surfaces.

Deep clean the windows

It is much easier to clean the windows. First, vacuum the sills and tracks. You can use a microfiber towel or fabric to clean your windows. The result will be incredible because they pick up and trap dust.

Remove dust from your surface

Dust is a problem for multiple reasons: Tiny particles of skin, dirt, and pollen gets on the surface of your furniture and walls, making them look dirty. Consistent cleaning is essential to rid your home of dust and mites.

The most efficient plan is to clean from the top-down to avoid contaminating the areas you just dusted. You will also want to prevent clutter, wash linens and curtains frequently, vacuum the floors and clean the furniture and even your carpets regularly.

Deep clean the floors

To clean your floor the right way, you need to move the furniture, large pieces like beds and sofas. Make sure you use warm water and add vinegar and a few drops of dish soap to wash your floor. It will give the floor a stunning look and sparkling clean.

Once the entire floor has been cleaned, mop once more using clean water to remove any remaining traces of vinegar or soap residue.

Deep clean the kitchen

As the center of your home life and the place where both literal and figurative nourishment takes place, your kitchen is the heart of your home. That is why having a clean kitchen feels like the first step to having a spotless house.

In fact, being unable to achieve that idyllic state of whole-house cleanness, cleaning your kitchen goes a long way in making it feel like you have.

Well, tidying your kitchen every day is essential for maintaining a space that always feels and looks good. But, deep cleaning is always a good idea.