Matt Davies Stockton Shares How a Little Bit of Love Can Transform Your Garden



According to Matt Davies Stockton, a shabby garden can ruin the soul of your property. That’s why it is important to tend to your garden properly. Fortunately, you can transform a neglected garden for the better with a little bit of love and creativity. There is no need to spend tons of money on hiring landscape artists or arborists if you have some time and patience.

The Details

Here are a few ways you can transform your garden with some love and creativity:

  1. Fix the rough sections of your garden – If your garden is not looking lively due to a lack of care and maintenance, it is important to revitalize it first. The simplest way to do that is to remove all the weeds from the flower beds or lawn using a strong weed killer and a weed puller since it’s fast and effective.

If you notice any bare patches, ensure you fill them up with some fast-growing annuals such as nasturtiums, zinnias, cosmos, sweet peas, and more. These are cost-effective and easy to grow and maintain.

If you suspect any problem with the soil quality, you can add some compost to the existing soil in your garden to improve any nutrient deficiency. Alternatively, you can purchase a compost bin and create your own compost for later use.

  1. Decorate your garden with pots and containers – One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform the look of a neglected garden is to fill it with containers and pots full of bright flowers. They are inexpensive and great for decorating your patio, courtyard, or even terrace.

You can also choose hanging pots and containers that are made of zinc or aluminum to adopt a different look for your garden. Plus, pots are easier to maintain than garden beds.

  1. Make use of gravel – If you want to create a stunning garden landscape for cheap, you can make use of gravel or even bark since they are relatively economical. All you need to do is lay some gravel on a landscape fabric to prevent the weeds from growing. You can use oak sleepers or ground cover planting to divide large sections of gravel.

Ensure you use a high-quality weed membrane for creating a path or the patio. Also, make sure the soil is reasonably level and compact.

  1. Add some depth to your garden with vertical planting – Incorporating large shrubs, hedges, trees, or climbers that grow upwards can be a great way to add some screening, privacy, and security to your property.

We recommend you start with fast-growing climbers such as wisteria or clematis armandii or make use of hanging plants to create living walls.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests you hire a professional garden designer if your garden requires extensive treatment to turn it beautiful once again and you don’t have enough time to dedicate to that goal. Ensure you negotiate with the specialists to get the best deal and let them know your requirements properly so that they can help you create your dream garden.

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