Orlando King Lists Lesser-Known Items That Can Be Recycled


Orlando King works as CFO and COO for 360 Recycling, a minority-owned energy company. His job involves leading the financial structure, as well as forecasting and leading the company’s growth and development. During the course of his career for this company, one of the things that he has noticed is that people often have no idea about all of the various things that can be recycled. They know some key items can be recycled, such as aluminum cans, plastic water bottles, and glass bottles, but they may not know about other items. Here are a few of the lesser known items that can be recycled.

Orlando King Explains That Old Carpeting Can Be Recycled

Orlando King says that one of the items that can be recycled that people are not aware of is old carpeting. Carpeting can be made from various fibers, but all fiber types can be recycled. Carpeting is typically broken down and turned into something completely different, but there are a few carpeting companies out there that are taking old carpet and recycling it into new carpet. Talk to your carpet supplier or the carpet installer to find out if they offer carpet recycling programs or where you can take your carpet to be recycled.

Orlando King Says Both CDs and DVDs Can Be Recycled

Orlando King states that thanks to technology, items such as CDs, DVDs and even video game discs are becoming obsolete. While these items may seem to be small, most people owned hundreds of them, so ending up in a landfill takes up a lot of space. The materials contained in these discs can be recycled and can be used when manufacturing new electronic items. Talk to an electronic product recycler in your community to learn more about recycling these old discs that you may not use anymore.

Orlando King Details How Bicycyles Can Be Recycled

Orlando King explains that bicycles are another item that can be recycled. Bikes are often made mostly from metal materials. When a bike is at the end of its lifespan or it starts to rust, it can be taken to a metal recycler to be recycled and turned into a new metal item. There are also companies out there that take old bikes that still have some life in them, clean them up and then donate them to less fortunate children or adults who may be in need of a bicycle.

Orlando King States That Crayons Can Be Recycled

Orlando King says that the final lesser-known item that can be recycled is crayons. If you have old broken crayons, you can mail them to companies like Crayola. They can take your old crayon bits and pieces, melt them down and make new crayons from those small bits and pieces.

Recycling items helps to keep these items out of landfills, many of which are already overflowing. Recycling also helps to take items and turn them into something that someone else can use. Orlando King recommends that you talk to a recycling company, such as 360 Recycling to learn more about the items that you can recycle and how to go about recycling those items.

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