Tips To Help You DIY Clean Modern Contemporary Rugs


There are a lot of scenarios in which people don’t necessarily have to get their area rugs professionally cleaned, because you can definitely do a DIY clean yourself!

We’ve partnered up with the specialists at Rug Source contemporary rugs to support this list of tips oriented around DIY cleaning modern rugs, and this professional advice will certainly go a very long way if you’re trying to save on your area rug upkeep and cleaning:

Tip #1: Create An Outdoor Cleaning Station

It’ll probably be best to create your outdoor rug cleaning station on a sunny day when you know the weather is going to cooperate, and many people will often use a clothesline to hang rugs up when they’re wet and heavy.

There are all sorts of spaces that you could utilize when it comes to DIY cleaning an area rug, so you just need to be creative when choosing the space that works best for you. Cleaning your rugs outside will not only help you be more organized, but it’ll also help you avoid any messes in your house!

Tip #2: Thoroughly Vacuum Both Sides Of The Area Rug

Carefully vacuuming out the fibers of your rug on both sides will help you to effectively eliminate any dust that could be lingering. You’ll likely want to do this type of vacuuming before taking your rug outside to your cleaning station, and you can always beat out the rug with a broom if you feel like it’s still dusty after vacuuming.

Tip #3: Be Sure To Test Out Rug Shampoos

It’s always best to test out certain rug shampoos on small parts of your modern rug before applying to the entirety of the rug. Do this by simply applying the shampoo to a small corner, mixing in water, and then seeing how things settle after a couple hours.

Tip #4: Carefully Wash Your Modern Rug, And Then Apply The Shampoo

Once you know that your chosen rug shampoo is safe for your specific carpet, you’ll then wash your rug at your outdoor cleaning station with your hose and make sure it gets a thorough rinse. The next step will be to use a rug shampoo brush to carefully work the shampoo into the deepest fibers.

And don’t be alarmed by the amount of scrubbing and foaming that’ll occur during this stage of the cleaning process, because you’re supposed to be working it in deeply and getting pretty messy yourself!

Tip #5: Rug Rinsing

Be sure to leave the shampoo to soak for as long as is directed on the bottle, and then hose down your rug when the time comes up. It’s really important that you rinse off your rug as best as you can, because eliminating all residue is absolutely imperative for the rug’s long-term integrity.

Tip #6: Drying Your Modern Rug

Squeegees are good tools to use when you’re trying to wring out your rug as much as you can, and be sure to eliminate as much excess water as possible. It’s possible that your rug will still be extremely wet after doing rigorous drying methods, so you’ll likely want to let it hang for a full day or longer until it’s truly ready.

If you have a garage, consider hanging your rug up in there until it’s ready!

Tip # 7: Always Do One Last Vacuuming

Once you’re ready to put your modern rug back in its proper place within your home, the first thing you should do is vacuum it. The main reason for this is because your rug’s fibers will likely look a little weird after being washed and dried, so the vacuum will help restore its appearance to how it should be.

Contact The Rug Source Contemporary Rugs Team To Learn More About Area Rug Cleaning!

There truly is a lot that rug owners need to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning their contemporary rugs, and cleaning your home’s rugs at least once a year is always advisable so they last as long as possible.

Contact the Rug Source team via the link to their website at the beginning of this blog to learn more cleaning tips!

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