Tips to keep your home insect-free this monsoon


It is necessary to keep one’s home clean and tidy as the health of all family members depends upon the environment in which they live. A home environment can be a breeding ground for different types of pests and insects due to the presence of certain elements. Special care needs to be taken in the monsoon season as insects become active due to the presence of moisture and dampness all around.

A pest infection is usually cured by calling a pest control service to remove all the infestation from the house. However, prevention is always better than cure due to which it is best to follow a certain number of practices to keep your home insect-free. There are a few known traditional measures such as lighting an agarbatti that can help to keep insects at bay.

Another traditional practice involves lighting a dhoop and keeping it at the entrance of your home to keep flies, mosquitoes and other aerial insects away from the house. Cleanliness is another important factor that is required to keep your home insect-free. There are a wide variety of places in the house where pests can breed without anyone noticing and wreak havoc in the house.

Using the appropriate cleaning products at regular intervals can also ensure to create an insect-free environment. One such example of a cleaning product is the Savlon antiseptic liquid that can be used for cleaning and disinfection purposes. In this article, we are going to look at some important tips in detail to keep your home insect-free this monsoon season.

Seal any Potential Openings for Insects in the House

It is important to take a thorough look around the house to look for potential openings such as gaps between windows and doors. You can also check for cracks, holes or any sort of openings in the walls that can allow pests to enter the house. It is necessary to identify such openings in the house and seal them with appropriate measures. If you like to keep the windows open for ventilation, then it is advisable to install window nets to keep flies, mosquitoes and other bugs from entering the house.

Cleanliness in the Kitchen

Food is one of the breeding grounds for insects as it can provide the necessary means for survival. It is essential to keep all the food packed in air-tight containers, preferable inside the refrigerator. It also helps to keep the sink area clean by washing the used dishes regularly immediately after they are used. Another tip is to empty the trash can every day and clean the inside of the trash bin if there is any spillage.

Following a Cleaning Routine

Dirt and dust can accumulate on household items such as sofas, tables, chairs, floors, cabinets etc. These household surfaces can promote the spread of insects such as fleas, silverfish and bed bugs. Cleaning these household surfaces regularly is important to prevent the spread of such insects. You can use products such as a vacuum cleaner, floor cleaner, and duster to clean all these surfaces.

Eliminating Moisture Spots from Home

Moisture and dampness are one of the major reasons for the spread of pests in the house. To avoid this problem, it is essential to spot all the places in the house where water gets accumulated to empty or eliminate such water collecting places. These places may include buckets, plant saucers, trash bins, toothbrush holders, soap holders etc. It will also help to identify and fix any indoor water leaks in the house where water can momentarily accumulate.

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