What To Know About A Digital Ambient Thermostat?


An excellent option for those who want to purchase a modern and robust device capable of keeping the room temperature constant and thus making it more pleasant is the digital room thermostat.

The digital room thermostat is an apparatus whose main objective is to prevent the temperature of any system from changing and exceeding certain established limits, being used on a large scale in general commerce and countless industry segments.

Technical Characteristics Of The Digital Environment Thermostat

The digital room thermostat is a device that has several models, and one of the most used is the SRE06 thermostat, which, in turn, has two variants: the RE06F, which has a floating control action, and the SRE06P, with a proportional control action. Both have low noise and energy consumption, are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, and have automatic overload protection.

Equipped with an LCD that allows easy visualization of the temperature and other parameters available by the instrument, it is recommended for numerous applications. One of the most efficient features of the digital room thermostat is its storage temperature, which can vary from -10°C up to 60°C. The device also allows precise fan speed control and is equipped with a fan-coil, also having a cooling or heating operation.

In the digital room thermostat, installing the sensor inside or even using the remote sensor is possible. Other advantageous features of the device are its quick installation and its excellent durability.

Thermostat Types On Off

There are several models of on-off thermostat equipment at blackhawksupply.com, from simpler to more sophisticated models. Among the most common equipment is the model Acta1 200 on-off, single-stage thermostat, which has an LED light on its panel that indicates the activation of the load. It must be installed on a wall that allows good air circulation.

Another model that allows temperature and ventilation control is the AC-801 series on-off thermostat that has three fan speed control options and options to choose between cooling or heating the ambient air. On the other hand, the SRE06 series (A, B, C) devices have more advanced features such as comparing the ambient temperature with the temperature entered in the equipment and modern temperature sensors from the TSC series.

For remote temperature control of valves or heating equipment, the ideal model of the on-off thermostat of the seriesILH130 electronic equipment has a remote NTC sensor. The device opens a valve as soon as the ambient temperature is one °C (Degree Celsius) above the temperature previously informed in the equipment. After temperature equalization, the valve closes automatically.

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