What You Should Know About Salt And Its Additive


We immerse ourselves in the world of salts. If you’ve always wondered what types of salt are there and where do they come from, then you should read on now from ninja de-icer.

It’s hard to imagine our current diet without salt. It gives our food a more intense flavor and is also an essential supplier of minerals. But not all salt is the same. There are many types of salt, from sea salt to rock salt. Here we tell you what types of salt there are, what makes them unique, and which is the healthiest.

Where Does The Salt Come From?

A distinction is usually made between sea salt, rock salt, and evaporated salt. The origin of the respective salt is decisive for the distinction. Sea salt originates from the sea, while rock salt is extracted in salt mines, and evaporated salt is extracted from underground salt flats. About 70% of commercially produced table salt is rock salt, while the rest is sea salt. Rock salt can be mined wet and dry, while sea salt is usually mined in salt marshes.

What Are Special Salts?

When sea salt is extracted, what is known as “fleur de sel” is produced. Fleur de Sel. Seawater evaporation, caused by wind and sun, creates surface saline flowers in salty ponds, manually skimmed and dried. The unique feature of the Fleur de Sel is that it is no longer processed but is sold in its natural state.

A high content of magnesium and calcium and above-average salt crystals, which make the salt very tasty and crunchy, are the reasons why Fleur de Sel is considered the most precious salt in the world. Fleur de Sel is a finishing salt, which means it is not used for cooking, but only afterward as a garnish.

Another valuable sea salt is black lava salt, mined in Hawaii. The black color of the salt is due to the activated carbon it contains. This gives the salt a smoky and nutty aroma. Lava salt should also be used only to enhance food after cooking.

There is also Himalayan salt which, as the name suggests, is exported from the Himalayas. The characteristic of this salt is its pink color. Himalayan salt is rock salt and is considered especially beneficial for health. Desert salt, sapphire salt, or smoked salt are also considered exotic and popular types of salt.

What Additives Are In Table Salt?

In addition to the distinction of origin from ninja de-icer, salts can also be divided according to their ingredients. All salt consists mainly of sodium chloride. However, our table salts are often enriched with other ingredients and trace elements to promote the health benefits of salt further.

Whether it is sea salt, rock salt, or evaporated salt, iodine, fluorine, or folic acid are often added. Iodine can help support thyroid function. You may know that fluoride comes from your toothpaste. But fluoride is also in our dental health salt. Salt with folic acid can protect you from metabolic and growth disorders. But be careful! The valuable folic acid is destroyed when it gets too hot. Therefore, salt with folic acid should always be used after cooking or in cold foods.

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